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Mini cake with cocoa and walnuts

Mini cake with cocoa and walnuts

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Beat the egg whites with a pinch of salt until you get a hard foam, then add the sugar and continue beating until you get a hard meringue, add the lemon juice.

We mix the yolks with the oil and water, then we incorporate them in the obtained meringue, we mix with slow movements, at the end we add faience and cocoa, taking care to mix from the bottom up with slow movements. I greased the ceramic forms and placed paper muffins on the bottom of the form (I didn't find too big papers), in the silicone forms I also placed muffin papers, then I divided the composition into all the shapes.

On top I sprinkled coarsely chopped walnuts and chocolate dragees, I put the molds in the preheated oven, I did the toothpick test, when they were baked I took the molds out of the oven and then I took them out of the ceramic and silicone molds, I left them cool it.


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