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Plum syrup cake

Plum syrup cake

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The first time I washed and wiped the plums, then I cut them into thicker slices.

I put them in a bowl, I added over them 1 tablespoon of sugar and cinnamon.

I put them in the fridge until I prepared the dough.

In a bowl I put eggs, sugar, vanilla sugar, salt powder and mixed well until the composition became frothy.

Then I added the oil, water and continued mixing.

I mixed 4 tablespoons of flour with baking powder, walnuts and ground almonds, then I added over the liquid composition and mixed.

I stopped 1/4 of this composition, and in the rest I added the 2 tablespoons of flour, I homogenized, then I put the composition in a round tray lined with baking paper and a little oil.

I put the tray in the preheated oven for 20 minutes.

Then I took the tray out of the oven, I placed a row of plums over the baking tray, I poured the remaining composition over, then I placed another row of plums.

I put the tray in the oven for another 20 minutes.

The plums will leave the juice and thus we will get a syrupy cake.

It is delicious, fragrant and ends quickly!

Enjoy your meal!


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