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Vegetable terrine with cheese

Vegetable terrine with cheese

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Mix the grated cheese with the sour cream and set aside.

Cut the zucchini into rounds, cook for 5-6 minutes in salted water. Remove, dip a little in cold ice water and allow to drain. Slice the carrot with the vegetable peeler, sauté in salted water for 8-9 minutes. Remove, dip a little in cold ice water and allow to drain. The peas are boiled, strained and allowed to drain.
Finely chop the green onion, green garlic and red pepper. Mix the chopped vegetables with the cheese and sour cream. Add the peas and mix the composition. It goes well with salt and pepper. The gelatin is prepared according to the instructions on the envelope and after it has cooled, it is put three quarters in the composition of cheese and vegetables. Put half of the pumpkin slices and the carrot slices in a Yena bowl or a check tray lined with food foil. Put the rest of the gelatin over the pumpkin and let it cool. Remove the tray, place the vegetable and cheese mixture, place the rest of the pumpkin slices and the carrot slices on top. Refrigerate for a few hours.

Quiche with cheese and vegetables

A quiche is a kind of tart (it can be with fruit but at the same time, if it's with fruit it doesn't have to be dessert, I know, twisted stuff) that can contain meat, vegetables, cheese, usually tied with egg beaten with milk or cream. I'll show you a recipe that I included in the menu for Clean Plates, so a little lower in fat and others.

For 8 servings (if you make them bigger, as for adults, 6 or 4 come out) I used 200 grams of flour, 60 grams of butter, 2 pinches of salt, five tablespoons of cold water. That's for the dough.

I kneaded all the ingredients and got a soft dough. Because I used cold water from the fridge, I didn't put the shell in the cold.

I spread it in a pan greased with butter and pricked it with a fork.

I prepared the filling. First I washed and chopped a bell pepper, a sprig of green onion and, next to them, some parsley leaves.

I grated 200 grams of cheese and mixed it with three beaten eggs and two tablespoons of cream.

I then mixed all this with the chopped vegetables.

I poured the mixture over the dough in the pan and put the pan in the oven heated to 200 degrees Celsius. I reduced the temperature to 180 degrees Celsius after baking the quiche. After 20-23 minutes I took the quiche out of the oven and out of the pan.

I also put a mint tea with lemon next to it.

Which I'm kind of craving, I'm telling you the truth.


A simple, tasty and good-looking appetizer.

100 gr cow's cheese
200 gr telemea cheese
2 sprigs of green onion
Two halves of peppers (two colors)
300 gr of sour cream
200 gr cooked vegetables - I used: carrots and asparagus (canned)
10 gr gelatin
Salt pepper

Mix the cottage cheese with the grated telemeau, sour cream, peppers and finely chopped green onions, salt and pepper. Put the gelatin in 4 tablespoons of warm milk, mix until smooth and add to the cheese paste. In a cake bowl lined with food foil, place a layer of carrots, cheese paste, another layer of other vegetables, cheese again and finally carrots. (You can make any combination you like more colorful). Cover the terrine with foil and let it cool for at least 4 hours. (It can be done the day before and kept in the fridge). When serving, turn over on the plate and cut into slices.

Fondue cheese recipe

First of all, you need to know that you need a special bowl to enjoy fondue, made of a non-stick material and with a heating system that keeps the cheese melted. You can find such a dish at any store with kitchen utensils or you can order it online.

Fondue set 7 pieces - 85 RON 8-piece fondue set - 292 RON

If you have this precious object at hand, you can enjoy one of the most refined appetizers, fondue cheese!


- 1 clove of garlic, cut lengthwise

- 1 tablespoon cornstarch

- 500 g of Emmental cheese, grated

- 500 g of Gruyere cheese, grated.

Method of preparation:

1. Take the garlic and rub the walls of a medium saucepan with it, then discard the leftovers.

2. Pour the wine into the bowl and bring it close to the boiling point, over medium heat.

3. Mix cornstarch with two tablespoons of water or wine.

4. Gradually add the cheese to the bowl and mix constantly, but not in circular motions, but in zig-zag motions, so that it does not turn into lumps. When the cheese is completely melted and close to boiling point (but should never be allowed to boil), add the starch mixed again before and combine with the cream in the bowl.

5. Let the fondue cream thicken over medium heat for 5-8 minutes, then, when it is ready, pour it into the fondue bowl placed over the special flame, to maintain the consistency of the cream.

Here are some food ideas that can be soaked in fondue cheese:

- French bread cubes or croutons

- pieces of apples or pears

- julienne cut red pepper

- blanched broccoli bouquets

- sautéed mushrooms (mushroom, Shiitake, Portobello etc)

Find out from here what they come to drink with different types of cheese!

Cheese fondue is an appetizer that, once tried, can become one of your favorite options for snacks and delights that you can enjoy with your loved ones.

Have you become an avid fan of fondue recipes? Try to prepare this delicious dessert with chocolate fondue and fruit!

Terrine with cheese and salmon

1. Wallpaper a cake form with foil and then coat the form with the salmon fillets.

2.Mix the rest of the ingredients and pour the cake filling. Level with a spatula and cover with salmon and, finally, with cling film.

3. Let it cool for a few hours or, preferably, overnight, only then slice and serve.

photo credit: © azurita & # 8211

400 g smoked salmon fillets

1 tablespoon grated lemon peel

1 tablespoon lemon juice

10 strands of finely chopped chives (or young onion leaves)

You may still like it.

Goat cheese terrine, red pepper and zucchini

1. Wrap the peppers in aluminum foil and put them in the oven at 220 * C for 45 minutes. Remove, leave to cool and peel. While the peppers are baking, cut the zucchini. slices (do not scratch the skin). Boil in salted water for 5 minutes.
2. Peeled peppers are cut into cubes. Sprinkle with olive oil and sprinkle with chopped basil.
3. Put the gelatin in cold water, then add the warm milk and mix until the gelatin is well dissolved. Crush the goat cheese with a fork, add the milk and gelatin, as well as 1 tablespoon of chopped thyme.
4. Line a rectangular shape, of Jena, with baking paper, letting it pass far over the edges. Put the zucchini slices on the bottom of the form and on the sides of the form, cover with 1/2 of the amount of red pepper, then a row of cheese, again red pepper, sprinkle pine seeds, cheese and, finally, zucchini slices. Cover with excess baking paper and keep cold in the refrigerator for 5 hours.
5. Remove the terrine from the mold and serve garnished with basil, red pepper slices and pine nuts.

Note: Zucchini can be replaced with eggplant, and goat cheese with sheep or cow cheese.

Small potatoes in cheese sauce

Boil the potatoes in salted water for a few minutes - the frozen ones should only be rinsed in hot water. it

Tart with autumn vegetables

We prepare a tray with a size of 30/40 cm. or two smaller than 15/20 cm. We are preparing for the beginning

First we peel the potatoes, cut them into cubes and put them to boil. Meanwhile, boil hard-boiled eggs (8 minutes), chop the cucumbers and baked peppers or donuts. The cucumbers and peppers are drained in a sieve.

*Eggs are much easier to clean if, as soon as you take them out of the bowl in which they boiled, you transfer them to a bowl with cold water and ice cubes. After two minutes, take them out and peel them.

When the potatoes have boiled, drain them and pass them with the mashing tool.

Then add milk, soft butter, cream cheese, salt, pepper, cucumbers and peppers.

Mix well with a spoon to distribute the ingredients as evenly as possible.

Cover a cake pan (L = 30 cm, l = 11 cm, h = 7 cm) with cling film and place half of the composition. Place the eggs in the middle and cover with the rest of the composition, leveling as well as possible and pressing gently. base with foil and let the appetizer cool for a few hours or overnight.

Then take the appetizer out of the tray, put it on a plate and cut it into slices with a knife with a thin blade, heated in boiled water. Enjoy!

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Vegetable tart with baked Brie cheese

Creamy Brie cheese and lightly fried vegetables, wrapped in a golden pastry dough. This dish is an ideal appetizer or a hot lunch. Made with a KitchenAid mixer.

  • 240 g white flour
  • 35 g whole wheat flour
  • 225 g butter, firm and cut into 1 cm cubes
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 120 ml of ice water
  • 2 cloves chopped garlic
  • 8 asparagus stalks, with the ends cut and chopped into 2.5 cm pieces
  • 95 g green peas
  • 340 g of brie cheese, cut into thin slices
  • - freshly grated Parmesan (for garnish)
  • 85 g honey (for garnish)

Put the tel attachment to your mixer. Add the flour, diced butter and salt to the mixer bowl. Start the mixer at speed 1 for 30 seconds, then increase the speed to stage 4 for 1-2 minutes (or until the butter cubes appear to be half the original size). Reduce speed to step 2 and, with the mixer still running, slowly add ice water at a rate of about a tablespoon every 2 seconds. Turn off the mixer (the dough will have a lot of lumps) and use one hand to gather all the dough together in the bowl, squeezing and pressing the dough while you work.

Remove the dough on a surface sprinkled with a little flour and form a ball. Then, using the bridge of your palms, fold the dough in half towards you and press it again. Continue this process 3-4 times or until the dough can be shaped into a disc and the butterflies are still visible. Do not knead the dough too much. Form a disk, wrap the dough in cling film and cool it in the refrigerator while you prepare the fillings.

Heat a pan over medium to high heat. When hot, add the butter and minced garlic, sauté the garlic for about 1 minute, until it becomes flavorful, then add the chopped asparagus and peas. Stir to cover them evenly with oil and garlic, then continue to fry them for 2-3 minutes, stirring occasionally. Remove from heat.

Preheat the oven to 220 ° C. Sprinkle flour on the counter, cut the dough disc in half, form a disc again, then spread the other half of the dough into a large square. Cut the edges of the square to create straight edges, then cut the square into four pieces.

Place the 4 squares of dough on a baking tray. In the center of each square, place the slices of Brie in a small circle, leaving 2.5 cm of space on all sides. Break the Brie slices into smaller pieces if needed. Gently fold the dough over the edge of the cheese, leaving a hole open in the center for filling with vegetables, then fold it to hold the filling inside.

Cover the Brie cheese with the sauteed vegetables. Repeat the process with the other half of the dough. Grease the dough of all tarts with beaten egg and grate generously Parmesan over each.

Place the tarts in the preheated oven and bake for 28-35 minutes or until the crust is golden brown and the cheese begins to bubble. Remove from the oven and generously sprinkle each tart with honey. Serve immediately.


Share the joy with these tried and tested recipes for the temptations of taste. Loved by home cooks, you will enjoy satisfied smiles at dinner, almost as much as flavors.

Ruby Red (Juice)

Add all ingredients (including any additives) to the KitchenAid® Pro Line® Series blender jar.

Hot chocolate

Add all ingredients (including any additives) to the KitchenAid® Power Plus® blender jar.

Grapefruit Tea-Ni (Smoothie)

To make green tea, infuse the tea bag with hot water for 30 seconds do not leave.

Vegetable terrine with cheese - Recipes

Terrine is a food that can be eaten as an appetizer. This recipe is very suitable for PL days in the Dukan diet, but if you eliminate fats you can consume it on PP days, ie in the attack phase. It is also a recipe that is prepared quickly, it is tasty and even more, it is a Dukan recipe. But don't forget, chicken terrine with vegetables is a good way for the whole family, including the little ones.

Cruise Phase, Consolidation

-500 gr minced chicken breast (or turkey)

First I cleaned the carrot and together with the yellow beans I boiled it for about 15-20 minutes, then take them out and let them cool a bit. Meanwhile, clean the white onion and put it through the small grater and cut the bell pepper into small cubes. Also, cut the carrot into cubes, and if the beans are too long, cut them smaller.

Pour all the vegetables (onion, pepper, carrot and bean) over the minced meat, add the spices and mix everything carefully. Pour the composition into a silicone tray (it must not stick) and place in the oven heated to 180 degrees. Leave in the oven for 45-50 minutes, then remove the tray and leave the ternia in the pan to cool for about 10-15 minutes. then take it out. Store in a refrigerator and eat cold.


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