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Shells with rice noodles and oregano

Shells with rice noodles and oregano

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At least once every two months I prepare shells or seafood. My dream is to go on holiday in a port and prepare fresh raw materials. Until then ... we're happy with what we have.

  • 500 gr peeled-frozen shells
  • 500 gr mix of vegetables-leeks, peppers, cauliflower, peas, carrots. frozen mushrooms
  • 300 gr cherry tomatoes
  • 200 gr of rice noodles
  • 1 small onion
  • 1 tablespoon freshly grated ginger
  • 4 cloves garlic
  • 4 tablespoons sesame oil
  • 2 tablespoons rice vinegar
  • chopped green parsley
  • flee from chilli
  • salt

Servings: 4

Preparation time: less than 30 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Shells with rice noodles and oregano:

  1. Lightly sauté the onions and garlic that have been crushed in the sesame oil.

  2. Put the cherry tomatoes. Sarati.

  3. Add the shells that have been thawed.

  4. Immediately add the rice vinegar and grated ginger.

  5. Boil the rice noodles in boiling and slightly salted water. Follow the instructions on the package.

  6. Place the noodles that have been drained by the excess water.

  7. Season to taste with chilli flakes for a more spicy taste.

  8. Season with chopped parsley and chopped green oregano for freshness.

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Along with a glass of white wine, this preparation can get you out of a deadlock in case of force majeure !!!

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Pasta shops, prices, offers. Compare online store prices for Pasta find the lowest price, and buy the cheapest Pasta from your favorite store 2. Pasta corta (short pasta) Much easier to eat and suitable for dishes with heavier sauces, short pasta is I find it in a lot of shapes, which are more and more strange: shells, wheels, spirals, bows - to the delight of the little ones Add taste to your recipes! Enjoy healthy and tasty products with your expert in pasta and milling products - Paste Baneasa It is a high-performance stainless steel pasta machine that allows you to adjust the thickness of the dough between 0.3 mm and 3 mm, with three types of cutting rollers for different types of pasta (lasagne, fettuccine, tagliatelle), with a maximum width of 15 cm, manual, with ergonomic handle and vise for a secure attachment to the worktop Greek salad with wholemeal pasta is a summer recipe, full of flavor and flavors! We don't have to go to Santorini, Crete or Thassos to enjoy a holiday-flavored lunch! We get to prepare a Greek salad with wholemeal pasta and the holiday comes directly to our kitchen

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  1. Pumpkin and almond pasta Add to favorites make this composition of pumpkin pasta and pepper, to taste 250g pasta, boiled 1/4 cup chopped almonds.
  2. This project deals with pasta. Below you can see the table of contents and an extract from the document (approx. 2 pages) .. The archive contains 1 docx file of 20 pages .. We recommend you to take a good look at the extract, table of contents and the images provided and if it is what you need for your documentation, you can download it. You only need 5 points. Domain: Marketing
  3. Pasta In the category Pasta are available for online order more than 129 products. Buy online now Lasagna with Barilla egg 500 gr., Pambac Macaroni 500 gr., Spaghetti No.7 Panzani 500 gr., Martyrs Bakery 200 gr., Martyrs Vancsa 200 gr., Cus Cus Al Amier 500 gr., Cus Cus with tomatoes dried Al Amier 200 gr., Tagliolini with Pignatti egg 250 gr., Spaghetti guitar.
  4. You can easily prepare pasta at home, especially if you have a device for their preparation, which will help you get the perfect texture, fineness and shape. Pasta is easy to prepare, can be seasoned with lots of other ingredients and is always a perfect solution for guests.
  5. This project deals with Packaging Pasta. Below you can see an excerpt from the document (approx. 2 pages) .. The archive contains 1 doc file of 15 pages .. We recommend you take a good look at the excerpt and the images provided and if it is what you need for your documentation , you can download it. You only need 5 points. Domain: Agronomists
  6. We produce pasta, with a very rich assortment of noodles and short pasta including 40 products in 18 forms, starting from fasting products (without eggs) to wedding specialties with 9 eggs, we are among the most important producers in Transylvania
  7. to cook, give yourself a few

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  • Page 1 of 4 - Lamb with barley (pasta) - posted in Recipes in pictures: to start with the collection of the recipe, my man ate in chalk, the traditional recipe cica (I barely managed to write the subtitle). I searched in the 3 books, one that was edited in our country and that I shit until I took it for a price and two taken from them and I found the recipe repeated 3 times the assistance and I put it.
  • Suitable for pre-drying short pasta and stuffed with long shelf life. Designed and constructed of stainless steel, especially for automatic cycle production lines. Installation for partial humidity reduction. Manual movement of the welding frame. Equipped with 7 vibrating temperature control levels
  • Pasta from importers, producers, direct service providers present on Discover pasta at reduced prices (120 products) (page 4
  • But the account at home does not match the one at the fair, and when I opened the blog and started writing, I thought that before a collection of pasta recipes and pasta sauces, I want to show you the basic recipe for pasta. homemade, a recipe I've been making for years and it works out very well every time

How to lose weight with pasta. Health 09 April 2020 Share. Eating pasta helps to lose extra pounds, a new study suggests. At least 3 servings of pasta consumed every seven days causes those who prefer this culinary preparation to lose about 0.5 kilograms in 12 weeks, without any. Images posted by this company. Tricolors. Casa Isoardi Pasta Ravioli with Borage. More pictures. Keywords associated with this company. Pasta Additional information. Edit the content of my business. Key figures. With 3 million registered companies, mainly producers. pasta, with eggs Romania (31) pasta, according to the client's specification Romania (1 Easter pictures with bunnies. For children, the Easter bunny is probably the biggest reason for joy, because it brings the coveted gifts. It symbolizes fertility and has become a representative sign of Easter in Germany, now 600 In fact, the rabbit is a messenger of divine power in many cultures, not just Christianity.

Download the project for 5 € Download the project entitled Pasta with payment by SMS, Bank Card or PayPal for the amount of 5 € + VAT. The quality guarantee is ensured by the fact that: Document was verified manually You can view images from the document Beet salad and pasta Salad with beets and pasta. posted by Recipes in Pictures, in 100 gr pasta are boiled in boiling water Recipe in Pictures. Tags. salad with beets and pasta. Similar recipes. As the name suggests, Spaghettini belong to the Spaghetti family, compared to their smaller diameter. Thanks to the Barilla experience, Spaghettini guarantees the perfect taste, ensuring a delicate texture, without sacrificing the pleasure of prepared pasta.

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Potatoes with pasta. Recipe Potatoes with pasta Ingredients: garlic potatoes dry white wine extra virgin olive oil salt pepper thyme tomato juice (from the liquid) short pasta I cleaned 2 cloves of garlic and put them in a pot with the oil d Various toys for Christmas tree decorations, candle holders, fir trees of all colors and made of pasta, scarves, pineapples and many other handicrafts were presented yesterday at an exhibition for sale by children and young people with disabilities and their parents, beneficiaries of non-governmental organizations in the field.

In pictures. Eating pork. From head to tail. / Archives for pasta. pasta. Pasta with ears and shrimp in a simple cream sauce. Pasta with chicken and chorizo ​​sausages, with mushrooms, sour cream sauce and peas. Pasta with ham and bell pepper in the oven. Baked cheese with cheese A small business started 20 years ago by an entrepreneur from Satu Mare in his parents' house ended up competing successfully with the big companies producing pasta in Romania. test tag · 11 Dec 2012, 17: 2 Posts labeled Pasta are displayed. Show all posts. July 6, 2018. Homemade noodles. Quick Homemade Noodle Recipes With Egg. How to make homemade noodles, for a normal dose of homemade noodles with egg the following ingredients are needed: Images for themes created by merrymoonmary

Boil pasta in boiling water with coarse salt. Harden pasta cooked in a mixture of extra virgin olive oil and fresh butter. Season pasta to taste with coarse salt and freshly ground peppercorns. Add to the cooked pasta and harden the lemon peel given on the grater, lime juice, a little. Italians are the largest consumers of pasta in the world. If an American consumes an average of 10 kilograms of pasta per year, an Italian consumes 30 kilograms of pasta every 365 days. Easter has not been eaten with tomatoes for a long time. Tomatoes entered Italian cuisine only in the late 1600s. The special charm is given by both religious significance and Easter traditions and symbols: painted egg, bunny, table with traditional Easter dishes - cake, Easter, lamb, and Saturday service in the evening in the wax the Christians receive the holy light. In 2013 we celebrate Easter on May 5. We wish you a happy Easter Health and Fitness Freedom & gt Lifestyle & gt Health and Fitness Simple pasta recipes - 10 ways you can quickly cook delicious pasta. By Camelia Diaconu, Tuesday, March 24, 2020, 2:51 PM. Last update Thursday, September 17, 2020, 12: 3 p.m. Pasta has a high nutritional value, is manufactured in a wide subsistence range and is consumed together with many other assortments.. [1] Archive files (1): Obtaining Pasta with Egg.doc Images from this license How to download

Pasta with egg. 22.07.2009. Food calories. Read also the following article: Pasta. Watch the latest VIDEO uploaded on The new images with her amazed everyone Freedom. Donald Trump is in mourning. The family decreased Coronavirus in Romania, August 16. How many new cases have been confirmed How a. Vegetable soup with pasta is a consistent, very tasty and nutritious soup. Subscribe to the newsletter. I agree with the terms and conditions of the site. Top most read articles. A new scenario: Schools could only be opened on October 1. In .. A recipe like in Italy - Easter with yogurt sauce. Mihaela Bilic: The body does not know how to ask for sugar, at most it asks for bread, but sugar asks for the head. Romania will provide the Republic of Moldova with a humanitarian aid of over 16 million lei in food and fuel oil Download now the report 'Pasta'. Download now without account. Online report ready Easter chicks - coloring pages Chicks, so tender and fragile, are part of the symbols that accompany Easter.By their sweetness, the Easter chicks transmit affection. Like her sunny Bulgarians, the chicks appear in baskets with Easter eggs or playing in nature. Let's color the coloring pages with Easter chicks

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Insect in pasta Batea Ciprian Only this time a Careian found a live insect in a bag of pasta. to the disgust of customers who have seen these. Pasta. Why buy frozen pasta with sauce, which are full of salt and fat, when you can cook them immediately? It is preferable to cook this dish yourself, because in this way you will have absolute control over what you eat. images. Eating pork. From head to tail. thing with cabbage. For chefs and chefs and owners of restaurants and bars. recipes of Easter flour. Easter with chorizo ​​sausages and chicken with tomato and hot pepper sauce. Easter with fennel and fresh tomato sauce. Primary Sidebar. Search the blog. Search this website Tag: pasta. Easter and pizza I prepared this Easter with fluffy cheese and cheese sauce very quickly being on the run and I can tell you with my hand on my heart that it is a delicious dish that can be served both for lunch and dinner. The combination of Fluffy Cheese and Sofia Cheese is one of the most successful. (images + text.

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Before being dried, the dough for pasta is modeled in the specific form of the product to be manufactured, after which, in order to ensure a good drying, it is prepared by braiding and placing in a uniform layer on the rods. it is made through Liver with pasta. Ingredients: 500 gr of chicken liver, two bundles of green onions, oil, salt, pepper, paprika. Preparation: Cut the onion and cook in oil. Wash and tampon the livers with a paper towel, place them over the seasoned onion, cover with water, season with salt and pepper and simmer until the livers soften. The basic merits of pasta are their simplicity and speed. preparation, high nutritional value and assimilation capacity (100 g of pasta satisfies with 10% the daily amount of protein and carbohydrates needed by man), long storage capacity (1 year) and their low price A good childhood friend, very talented and inspired, she put this recipe on the lyrics, thus giving it an original poetic note. Enjoy yourself with these playful images provoked by the inspired lyrics of my friend and prepare spaghetti on poetry notes. Pasta with pumpkin and almonds - photo gallery. INGREDIENT. potatoes green onion cauliflower red larch lettuce breadcrumbs

. We offer a number of original recipes. With meat and tomato paste. We need: minced beef - 0, 5 kg. Olive oil - 50 grams. Pasta (spaghetti or small) - 1 pack of 400-450 grams

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  • Fresh pasta stands out with a special, elastic texture and gives a meal a flavor hard to reach by classic dry pasta. A pasta and noodle machine owned in the kitchen makes life more beautiful for pasta enthusiasts and easier, to make pasta with the pie and to try to cut straight and thin is tiring and difficult. Proof of the effort and difficulty of cutting.
  • Pasta with minced meat. Ingredients: a bag of pasta (I used Spirale Baneasa), 1/2 kg of minced meat mixture (pork and beef), an onion, three cloves of garlic, two tablespoons of broth (spaghetti sauce), two eggs, two tablespoons of milk, a little olive oil, salt and pepper. Read more →. February 20, 2010 Posted by ghiocel07 | Pasta | broth, minced meat, onions, eggs.
  • and from the diet, because they can represent a full and healthy lunch or a light and delicious dinner.

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Organic noodle pasta, spelled Manufacturer: Pural Category: pasta Product code: 19 000452 Organic noodle pasta, made of spelled flour. Organic ingredients: spelled flour Nutritional values ​​(100 g): 1538/363 kJ / kcal, protein 12 g, carbohydrates 75 g, lip Preparations with pasta. Over 160 recipes - Spaghetti, macaroni, short pasta, lasagna, tortellini, raviolli - Books - Varied Offer - Low Prices - Order online! - Florentina Pavel - Daniela Andrei - Product in stock! - Fast delivery Ingredients White wheat flour 550, water. May contain traces of egg. Storage / storage conditions Store in a dry, clean place, bin. CHAPTER I - Nomination and definition of the product pag.3 CHAPTER II - Presentation of the assortment pag.5 CHAPTER III - Quality characteristics of pasta pag.6 CHAPTER IV - Packaging and labeling of the analyzed goods pag.8 CHAPTER V - Validity terms and conditions storage in commercial units pag.10 Bibliography pag.1

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Pasta with smoked sausages - Ingredients (2 servings) 250 g pasta 2 smoked sausages 1 suitable onion 2 tomatoes 2 tablespoons oil salt pepper 50 g grated cheese basil leaves. Find out on how to prepare the best pasta with smoked sausages Browse comparative tests made by InfoCons in the category Pasta

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  • Your welcome! On our site you can find a wide range of Romanian and international culinary recipes, presented with images. A large part of the culinary recipes presented on the site are the creation of our users and are accompanied by explanations and images that show step by step how to make. In our country, cooking is high in art !.
  • Results for Pasta in Constanţa customer reviews ☆, prices, ☎ contact data,, ⌚ public opening hours of companies based in Constanţa that offer Pasta
  • Barley salad. How to prepare Greek barley pasta. How to make pasta salad. Have you ever used barley pasta? It looks exactly like rice, but it's pasta. They are specific to Greek cuisine and are now available in our stores. They can be used for other preparations

As the name suggests, Spaghettini belong to the Spaghetti family, compared to their smaller diameter. Thanks to the Barilla, Spaghettin experience. After leaving it wide on the floor, the aggressor puts a vase back on and goes to his own home, as if nothing had happened. Find out what kind of sauces or fillings to accompany the most common types of pasta! Missing: flour From the world of pasta - Hutton pasta - pastehutton. Spaghetti - smiles of tomato or cheese sauce. A large plate of spaghetti with a lot of sauce is an easy-to-prepare, cheap, tasty and nutritious grape pasta salad. Grape macaroni can become an important ingredient in a delicious salad with pasta and chicken. Their aroma will complete the taste of the other ingredients, so the salad will make those who taste it lick their fingers.

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Various types of pasta can be used in the preparation of pasta garnishes (long or short, with or without egg, with or without filling). The most commonly used pasta, however, are macaroni and spaghetti. Their starch-rich And many other recipes with spaghetti, or other types of pasta that you will find in the Recipes with Pasta and Pizza section. Ingredients Tortellini with Cheese Sauce: 1 pack of 250 g Tortellini with Mushrooms 2 cans with Fluffy Cheese with Salmon (280 g) 50 g butter 100 ml green dill milk. Preparation Tortellini with Cheese Sauce We need: 250 g fasting pasta 100 ml oil 2 onions 1 carrot 1 celery pepper salt parsley broth. A team of experienced technologists, ready to offer customers support for the realization of customized solutions. Both Baneasa Mill and Baneasa Easter Factory currently have ISO 9001, ISO 14001, IFS Food version 6, Higher Level and FSSC 22000: 2010 certifications. As we well know, pasta can be classified by length, shape, texture / relief (with striations or fine), by composition (filled or not). In order to make jewelry from pasta, you need, in principle, tubular, ring or circular pasta, ie pasta that has at least one hole through which the thread can be passed.

. Watch the video above to see how you can make original holiday decorations The latest job offers from abroad with very good salary and legal employment contracts! We urgently need staff, band operators aged between 18 and 55 to be packaged at the pasta factory in Germany, work points in Aachen and Hamburg, the salary is 1600 e / month, free accommodation + wifi in very good conditions, value meal vouchers are also offered, people are accepted. Pasta machine Refrigerators Washing machines Vacuum cleaners Irons. In addition to computers, monitors, laptops or PC components, you can now find a wide range of resealed appliances with discounts. Mobile phones, tablets, laptops, televisions, kitchen appliances, large appliances and many other products. Results for Pasta in Satu Mare customer reviews ☆, prices, ☎ contact data,, ⌚ working hours with the public of companies based in Satu Mare that offer Pasta 2. Restock your food stock with healthy products, such as wholemeal bread and pasta, oats, brown rice, brown sugar and other options that you have never tried before. 3. Replace bad carbohydrates in recipes with healthy ingredients, such as classic potatoes with sweet potatoes or corn. 4

Bean soup and pasta Dalmatian housewives gladly prepare this traditional Croatian recipe: Grah i tjestenina juhe Ingredients: 400 g red beans (canned) two strands green onion 100 g smoked bacon an onion 2-3 leaves celery a bay leaf 1-2 garlic puppies a tablespoon of tomato paste A recent study by the Harvard School of Public Health found a link between pasta and depression. See below what secrets hide pasta, writes .. Specialists have conducted a study to find out what effects can have pasta consumption on the human body The pan is not put back on the fire! We do not want to eat the omelet but pasta with a creamy, velvety sauce. Beaten eggs with grated cheese pour over the pasta in the pan and mix gently. You can also put 1-2 tablespoons of hot water in which they boiled the pasta to get an even creamier sauce. We need a big heart drawn in outline (I made it on A4 sheet, with my free hand), glue ( I used rice glue) and pasta (noodles in my case), brushes and watercolors. Noodles can be replaced with snails of various shapes (we resorted to the cheaper version, but it did not look bad)

Video: Greek pasta salad - Recipes by Teo's Kitche

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  • . on fire.
  • Choose from our collection of Easter recipes. Learn to prepare Easter with cheese, with or without dough, cake, lamb and lamb borscht, steak, red eggs
  • If you like pasta, but you have always been bored with the same sauces, this paper will show you new and interesting ways to prepare this Italian food, which is suitable for extremely varied recipes. All recipes are in line with the genre
  • Among the most well-known and consumed dishes globally are pasta. Whether they are made of white flour or wholemeal flour, spaghetti or penne, they are extremely easy to cook and can be found in various combinations. Each of us has a favorite recipe with pasta and we didn't ask too many questions about it. After a few searches, I found some pretty interesting curiosities.
  • These are the classic pasta, which, after being cooked, are mixed with all kinds of ingredients: fresh or baked / pan-fried vegetables, pesto sauce, canned tuna, pieces of ham or cheese, olives, peas or beans etc. The result is a complete salad that Italians eat either as an appetizer.
  • Salad with pasta and ham .. Cadiera skin..a beautiful plant..ideal for the place. KOHLERIA..a plant with the most beautiful bells. ) Another Chinese flower. my. ) Thalassotherapy, a source of beauty and health. Images for themes created by Jason Morrow

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  1. Results 1-20 for stellar images. Images of national identity. Romania at the universal and international exhibitions in Paris (1867-1937
  2. Nobody says that a portion of steaming pasta with a delicious tomato and parmesan sauce is not really delicious. And I don't think that white sauces with cream, cheese and butter can be easily refused, but if you want to get an easier pasta dish, then these pasta salad ideas will be exactly what.
  3. . Caloric content 330 kcal / serving No eggs Ingredients for 4 people € 300 g short tubular pasta, with oblique ends (penne) € 2 dill bulbs € ¢ a red bell pepper € ¢ a yellow bell pepper € ¢ 2 hasme onions onions on parsley on basil on hot peppers

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  1. I like the third image of pasta with the rabbit, the green one, and the last one with the basket of scrambled eggs. Congratulations Feri, there are some very beautiful Images, for those who want to send them to their loved ones for Easter
  2. Boil the pasta according to the instructions on the package, then mix with beaten eggs. Sausages and salami are sliced ​​and fried in oil, add diced cheese and eggs. Brown the omelette on both sides.
  3. 400 gr of melted pasta (Barillia are very good) 300-400 gr of hard cow's milk cheese 3 eggs 1 sachet of vanilla sugar 125 gr of butter sugar to grease the tray Preparation: Put the pasta to boil in a pan with boiling water , salt and a tablespoon of oil. Let it boil longer than it says on the package, until it swells hard
  4. Di Martino has been doing pasta business since 1912, and the company's products were the first pasta to cross the Panama Canal. Di Martino pasta is currently available worldwide, generating annual revenues of $ 163 million. The family company is based in Gragnano, Naples, a city famous for its pastas
  5. Pasta with chicken and ginger An excellent dish for dinner, with a low fat content. Ingredients: • 500 g chicken inner fillets (internal strips of chicken breast) Agricultural • 250 g Arnos short pasta • 1 orange • 1 red hot pepper, half for marinating / half for garnish Images for themes.

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I don't know why, but I've gained a lot of weight in the last few months, and no diet has been observed. I did not manage to lose more than a kilogram, after I kept the diet for 2-3 weeks. I have seen on the internet a lot of miracle diets that are supposed to make us lose tens of kilograms, but I no longer trust such miracle diets. I like. Add images (max 200 kb images, supported formats: .gif, .png, .jpg, .jpeg) if the size is exceeded, the picture is not added Pictures must correspond to the Terms of this site Forbidden or violent pictures, ads will be deleted «Previous Next Flour and pasta (Mehl und Nudeln) Photo source: PONS. Other photos with the German dictionary can be found here. Other photos with the German dictionary ,. Pasta Lego toy maker unveiled its first line of girls this week. The toy sets sold out within days,. Ironing board with batteries, imitates ironing. The newest and most interesting toys for children can be found only at Chicco! We invite you to choose from a wide range of.

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  • Tagged: pasta. Articles. May 24, 2017. Pasta, foods that stimulate our good mood. Pasta is a food with complex carbohydrates, which, used correctly, can help alleviate one of the most important health problems today, namely stress.
  • The onion is finely chopped and cooked in oil, the chopped chicken ham is added and it is left to brown. Add the cooked and chopped pasta, the grated carrot and the mashed tomatoes. Leave it to medium heat 20
  • and cheesecake Here are the first official images of the new Mini R60, called Countryman. The model is the first crossover of the British brand and benefits from all-wheel drive and a special design. Just one day [..
  • Mihaela Bilic: The body does not know how to ask for sugar, at most it asks for bread, but sugar asks for the head.1 articles about pasta
  • Be the first candidate to apply for a job with a legal contract and legal documents. You can apply for the factory as a band operator, packaged, labeled, verified pasta from Germany (Stuttgart, Leiptzig, Frankfurt) You will benefit from an attractive salary of 1600 euros + performance bonuses, accommodation in the best conditions and equipped with wi -be free and meal vouchers.
  • Ingredients rereta pasta with ham and red sauce: 250g farfale pasta or other forms 200g parma ham 500ml red sauce 30g mozzarella 30g grated cheese oregano and basil 2 cloves garlic salt and Parmesan pepper Preparation recipe: Put the pasta to boil in water already in [

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  1. drain, drain and can be eaten with your favorite sauce, added to soup, in a vegetable stew, etc. Did you know that: Aduki / Adzuki / Azuki beans (Vigna.
  2. Christmas bones
  3. Tag Archives: pasta. Homemade noodles. 0. Recipes in pictures You can also find us on Facebook: Beauty & Health Sleeping with your partner stresses men Beware of risks when choosing cosmetic cabinets Consume apricots for a beautiful complexion.
  4. pasta. Fish - practical activity. In the Deep Animals sub-theme, the Butterflies glued the scales to the fish, using pasta. It was a practical exercise, which he really enjoyed. I needed: snails, aracet / solid glue and a fish plug. Keep up to date with the news.
  5. Gnocchi Barilla pasta 500 gr Gnocchi Barilla pasta. 500 grams. cumparaieftin.r
  6. Netanyahu dupa semnarea pacii cu EAU: Astazi, incepe o noua era in relatiile dintre Israel si lumea araba BB cream: ce este, cum se aplica si de ce sa-l porti cu masca de protectie Vasile Perdun, fostul.

In Romania exista peste 30 de societati de panificatie, axate pe producerea de paste fainoase. Totusi, intr-un top al productiei din Europa, tara noastra se situeaza dupa tari ca Italia, Franta, Germania, Spania sau Belgia, cu doar 54.000 de tone anual Barilla, liderul în domeniul pastelor în 2019, datorită campaniilor de distribuţie extinse, este şi unul dintre cele mai prezente şi vândute branduri de pe piaţa locală de paste făinoase, evaluată la 60 mil. euro anual şi dominată de mărci străine Pizza si paste fainoase. Cum sa preparam singuri acasa, preparate delicioase, pentru orice ocazie si orice dieta simplu, sigur si usor. Pizza, careia i-a fost inchinata pe 9 februarie, propria sa zi internationala, a doua mancare preferata a americanilo

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Spre deosebire de alte locuri europene, în Grecia insulară nu mă simt jenat că sunt român. Să nu mă înţelegeţi greşit, eu personal nu am niciun complex de inferioritate. Resimt însă, uneori, o anumită jenă, căci ştiu cum sunt priviţi românii în străinătate, uneori pe nedrept, dar cel mai adesea pe bună dreptate.

Nu mai contează acum dacă acest „renume” se datorează în bună măsură ţiganilor, eu îl consider un eşec al societăţii noastre care nu a reuşit să integreze această etnie, aşa cum au făcut alte ţări. Rezultatul este că, mai peste tot în Europa, mi-e cam ruşine când văd pe stradă „români” cerşind, sau când aflu din presă de alte „isprăvi”, gen furturi, şantaje, violuri, crime etc.
În opinia mea ţiganii şi un număr (din păcate destul de mare) de români needucaţi au stricat imaginea unui întreg popor. Nu are nimeni nimic cu noi, nu există niciun complot împotriva noastră chiar ne merităm soarta. Nu ne rămâne altceva de făcut decât să ne rezolvam noi acasă, mai întâi, problemele legate de educaţie şi atitudinea faţă de muncă şi abia apoi vom reuşi să ne îmbunătăţim imaginea, ca popor.

În insulele greceşti nu am găsit cerşetori români, cu excepţia Cretei, unde am văzut câţiva, bineînţeles ţigani. De asemenea, am văzut în Creta, Rhodos şi Corfu multe grupuri de turişti români, adesea cam prea zgomotoşi, cam neîngrijiţi şi cam prost crescuţi pentru gustul meu. Toate aceste lucruri se adaugă la jena despre care aminteam mai sus.
În ultimul timp însă, românii se prezintă, mi se pare mie, din ce în ce mai bine. Categoria celor bine educaţi începe să însemne, numeric vorbind, mai mult decât în anii precedenţi.
Ei bine, în Kos a fost poate prima dată când m-am simţit mândru că sunt român. Nu numai că n-am văzut niciun cerşetor român (de fapt, nici nu cred că am văzut vreunul, în general vorbind), dar turiştii români erau extrem de decenţi, aşa cum mi-aş dori să ne prezentăm pretutindeni. Cei mai mulţi dintre turiştii aflaţi în Kos proveneau din Olanda, Germania (sau, mă rog, ţări de limbă germană) şi Rusia. Marea lor majoritate era nejustificat de zgomotoasă, erau oribil îmbrăcaţi, lipsiţi de maniere şi aroganţi, în plus, ruşii, fie femei, fie bărbaţi, trăgeau puternic la măsea, lucru ce nu le îmbunătăţea de loc prestaţia. Faţă de ei, turiştii români păreau lorzi britanici în croazieră.

În ce priveşte zgomotul, nici cu grecii nu mi-e ruşine. Dacă unul dintr ei vorbeşte la telefon (iar pălăvrăgeala la telefon pare a fi sportul lor naţional), toată insula află care îi sunt problemele. Cred că au o percepţie greşită a distanţelor, căci nu înţeleg de ce două persoane aflata la un pas una de alta strigă ca şi cum s-ar afla la 25 m depărtare.

Am întâlnit câţiva români lucrând în restaurante. În oraşul Kos, chiar în centru, există de exemplu restaurantul „Muzeum”, unde chelnerul şef şi cel puţin alţi 3-4 chelneri sunt români.

Restaurantul este exemplar (am mâncat acolo de 2 ori) şi este plin seară de seară. Am discutat cu acest chelner-şef şi mi-a spus că este în Kos de 10 ani şi că lucrează la „Muzeum” de şase. Tot el a adus şi alţi români să lucreze acolo, lucru de admirat, căci în general românii nu sunt uniţi şi nici nu se ajută între ei.

Printre altele l-am întrebat ce anume tip de preparate preferă cel mai des turiştii răspunsul a fost, spre plăcuta mea surpriză, preparatele locale greceşti.

Gyros, souvlaki, stifado, mousaka, baclava sunt cele mai comandate feluri din meniu. Asta înseamnă că nu sunt singurul care are o părere bună despre bucătăria grecească.

Dacă românii din Kos au fost o surpriză plăcută, una la fel de agreabilă au fost magazinaşele cu condimente din insulă. Când văd aceste buticuri îngrijite, curate, deservite de persoane amabile şi competente, mie mi se ridică moralul.

Nu mai contează faptul că magazinele de acest tip sunt pentru turişti, adică au preţuri mari contra cărora primeşti produse, în cel mai bun caz, de calitate medie.

Îmi face bine să privesc zecile de sticluţe cu uleiuri şi oţeturi aromate, sutele de borcănele şi punguliţe cu condimente şi verdeţuri uscate, borcanele cu miere şi dulceţuri ciudate (de roşii, de pildă), plicuţele cu răsine de mastic, sticlele cu vin, uzo şi coniac, vasele din lemn de măslin, râşniţele pentru piper, bolurile şi caserolele din pământ ars, halvaua, stafidele şi toate cele.

Desigur, aproape toate condimentele sunt ambalate impropriu, adică nu sunt ferite nici de căldură, nici de lumină, multe sticle de vin sunt ţinute în vitrine, în plin soare, uleiurile de măsline nu sunt chiar de mare calitate şi tot aşa.

Spuneam în articolul anterior că grecii încearcă să-ţi intre în voie vorbindu-ţi româneşte, chiar dacă nu ştiu decât câteva cuvinte. Când m-a auzit vorbind, patronul magazinului m-a salutat într-o românească foarte fluentă. Era un bărbat ceva mai tânăr decât mine, fost student la ASE în Bucureşti. Nu i-am reţinut numele de familie, dar numele de botez era Laskaris.

Mi-a spus că Grecia este o ţară săracă în resurse agricole şi nu poate produce atât de mult ulei de foarte bună calitate încât să-şi acopere consumul intern şi să şi exporte. În opinia lui, uleiul aflat în mod obişnuit în magazine (deci şi cel din magazinul său) este de o calitate medie, pentru turiştii care vor să cumpere suveniruri alimentare, căci este diluat cu ulei rafinat uleiurile de calitate într-adevăr bună se găsesc foarte greu şi sunt, în general, comercializate pe alte căi. Mari cantităţi se prepară casnic şi sunt păstrate pentru consumul producătorilor

Tot el spune că uleiurile aromate cu ardei iuţi, usturoi, busuioc, rozmarin etc. nu sunt specifice Greciei, ci au apărut doar fiindcă au fost cerute de turiştii străini. Nu l-am contrazis, deşi stiam chiar din cărţile greceşti că aceste uleiuri aromate se preparau încă din Antichitate, deci nu la cererea turiştilor. Tot el mi-a confirmat că uleiul grecesc extra virgin este cumpărat de italieni, şi nu numai, ca să fie amestecat cu uleiurile locale şi să le ridice calitatea.

Am mai aflat că interlocutorului meu îi place carnea românească şi că, spune el, mâncarea din Grecia continentală, în special cea din nordul ţării, ar avea multe în comun cu mâncarea noastră şi cu cea bulgărească, înscriindu-se în ceea ce s-ar putea numi „bucătărie balcanică”.
Am mai discutat o grămadă despre oi şi capre şi despre influenţa solurilor sărate asupra calităţii cărnii şi a laptelui lor, despre vinuri, despre brânzeturi, despre pâine, orez, despre mâncarea grecească şi restaurante.

Interlocutorul meu avea o părere foarte bună despre potenţialul României şi părea foarte conectat la ceea ce se petrece în politica noastră. Mi-a spus că el ne judecă ţara nu doar prin prisma ultimilor 20 de ani, ci prin tot ceea ce cunoaşte despre istoria noastră, începând cu Burebista. Uitându-se la faţa mea mirată, mi-a spus: „Ar fi de ajuns să faceţi legi bune şi să forţaţi populaţia să le respecte veţi putea ajunge din nou ca în 1939 când România producea cât 10 Grecii şi Turcii la un loc şi când italienii priveau România, cu jind, ca pe un rai inaccesibil.

Sunt sigur că avea dreptate şi ştiu că aceste lucruri se vor întîmpla cândva, singura mea îndoială fiind dacă eu personal voi mai fi în viaţă atunci. Mă tem însă că ceea ce s-a stricat în ultimii 20 de ani se va repara doar în minim 50…


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