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Summer mix

Summer mix

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Wash the vegetables, remove the core. Peel a squash, grate it and put the core in the pot with the tomato core.

Stuffing: mix the minced meat with the egg, chopped onion, cup of rice, salt, pepper.

We fill the vegetables with this composition.

On the bottom of the pot we put a cup of oil and the core of the vegetables. Place the stuffed vegetables in the pot and put the bay leaves on top, 2 tablespoons of broth and a little water.

Boiling time: 1 hour.

It can be served with sour cream.

Crackers with salmon, sour cream and caviar

In the opening I greeted the world with crackers with salmon and black caviar along with sparkling wine Zarea well beaten. Summer dinner! I placed the biscuits directly on the plate and on each of them I put a piece of lettuce leaf (to create a barrier between sour cream and biscuits). I spread a teaspoon of sour cream over the salad leaves and tore thin strips of smoked salmon from my hand. A small word of black caviar was placed on top of the year with the help of a teaspoon of mocha. Ready!

Daylight Saving Time 2021. Tonight we go an hour ahead

03:00 will become 04:00. So tonight we will sleep less than an hour.

Thus, Romania moves to the official summer time. The timetable will be correlated in this way with that used in most European Union countries. We will operate according to this schedule until the last Sunday of October, when we will return to Winter Time.

Why does the time change twice a year?

Changing the time twice a year aims to enjoy more natural light during the day. So we switch to daylight saving time for the day becomes longer than night, so it will get dark by an hour later.

Also, this change favors the saving of electricity as the work schedule coincides more with the period in which we have natural light.

However, the human body has one day to adapt to the new program for next week. However, experts say we need about a week to adjust.

When summer time appeared in Romania

In Romania, summer time was first introduced in 1932 (between May 22 and October 2). From 1933 until 1940, when this custom was abandoned, daylight saving time was introduced on the first Sunday in April until the first Sunday in October. Between 1941 and 1979 it was no longer used.

The reintroduction of daylight saving time occurred in 1979. Until 1996 (with few exceptions), daylight saving time was introduced from late March to late September. Since 1997, it has been switching to daylight saving time from the last Sunday in March to the last Sunday in October.

States that have adopted daylight saving time

The first to introduce daylight saving time were the Germans, starting in 1916 (between April 30 & October 1). This was followed by the British, who introduced daylight saving time in 1916 (between 21 May and 16 October). Other countries that introduced daylight saving time were: Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Turkey and Tasmania. On March 19, 1918, it was introduced in the United States. At this time, 70 countries introduced daylight saving time.

OMV in Romania

Chef Samuel le Toriellec has returned to VIVA and has prepared summer recipes that will surprise you! You will discover new ingredients, textures and flavors ingeniously combined whether you prefer browned meat or a fresh mix of vegetables, Fresh by Chef recipes are perfect for a meal taken to-go, & icircn city.

260g / 12.99LEI

A fresh and filling combination, suitable even for the most demanding gourmets. You will be greeted by a tender turkey steak with dried tomatoes, both placed on a bed of crispy salad, topped with fresh pumpkin and Parmesan cheese, all brought together with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. The crescent wand with seeds completes the recipe through its balanced taste, as well as through its special shape, which keeps the ingredients combined inside.

260g / 9.99 LEI

A cool choice, with blue cheese and a mix of vegetables perfectly chosen for an extra flavor and & bdquochill & rdquo & icircn on hot days. Br & acircnza with noble blue mold & icircnt & acirclnește juicy tomatoes, crispy carrot, refreshing cucumbers and baked kapia peppers, all brought & icirc together with fresh lettuce. The mix of textures and flavors comes together in a baguette with seeds, along with a yogurt sauce with lemon.

280g / 19.99LEI

If you want to eat something light, but which will give you new strength for the urban bustle, we say that this is the perfect choice for you. & Icircn station or to-go, you will have fresh and delicious ingredients.

Taste the balanced combination of fresh lettuce, lightly salted beef telemeau, cucumbers and juicy turkey steak with grated Parmesan cheese and yogurt and lime sauce. Top everything with some well-browned croutons for a delicious experience!

325g / 24.99LEI

When you feel like something refreshing, but you want it to be nutritious, Chef Sam has the perfect recipe: created for the hot summer days in the city, the mix of cow's milk and noble mold cheese is complemented by lettuce. and three types of mushrooms, crispy carrots, flavored baked peppers, all sprinkled with black olives. Did I make you want to?

Summer recipes

We will show you here everything that is best in easy-to-make, fresh and recipes ideal for summerbecause with this food processor you can make refreshing dishes like gazpachos or light vegetables, which feels great in these hot days because Thermomix Prepare everything that is best in a short time, so that the summer can pass us cooler with the help of this kitchen utensil. Thanks to its basic functions, you will have everyone happy summer and with the best dishes made with healthy ingredients. You can enjoy the best summers with the help of the thermomix.

Summer flavors for festive meals

Are you preparing to organize a small party at your home and you want to serve guests some more special dishes, which keep the taste of summer? Together with the chef of the Palladium restaurant in Bucharest, we offer you three proposals for sophisticated recipes and, at the same time, easy to prepare at home! At each recipe you will find tricks for preparing summer-specific foods, such as asparagus, but also how you can arrange the food on a plate in style. Try them too!

Roquefort salad with vinaigrette sauce

50 g bell pepper
50 g red onion
200 g salad mix
100 g para
80 g Roquefort cheese
100 g cherry tomatoes
10 ml of lemon juice
2 g cinnamon
100 ml of semi-sweet red wine
50 g sugar
Ingredients for the sauce:
2 g thyme
10 ml lemon
30 ml honey
15 g mustard
60 ml orange juice
60 ml oil mix
5 g garlic
Preparation: Caramelize the sugar, then add the lemon juice, red wine, cinnamon and pear. It boils only once. Take thyme, garlic, oil mix, orange juice, honey and mustard and mix until thickened. Cut the onion and pepper into juliennes, cut the cherry tomatoes in half, break the salad mix and mix everything.
Presentation: Mix the vegetables and salad mix with the vinaigrette sauce. Place it on a plate in the shape of a pyramid, then grate the Roquefort cheese all around. Pears in wine are cut into slices and placed on top.

Tuna sashimi with rice noodles

180 g fresh tuna
40 g of rice noodles
20 g hot peppers
20 ml extra virgin olive oil
10 ml soy sauce
10 ml of ginger juice
5 ml sesame oil
5 g garlic
5 ml chilli sauce
5 ml sauce ponzu
2 g susan
3 ml Chivas
10 g lemon peel
Preparation: Heat the extra virgin olive oil in a pan over medium heat. Set the tone fresh. Leave for a few seconds on each side to catch color. Cut the hot pepper into slices and fry in sesame oil, then add the diced garlic, ginger juice, chilli sauce, ponzu sauce and soy sauce and let it simmer until it boils for a few minutes. Let the rice noodles soak in cold water for a few minutes. Presentation: Place the tuna on the plate. On top put the noodles in the shape of a pyramid, then the prepared hot pepper. Decorate with Chivas and lemon peel.

Spaghetti asparagus with basil mousse and pine buds

150 g asparagus
20 ml extra virgin olive oil
20 g basil
10 g pine buds
10 g butter
5 g salt
5 g pepper
Preparation: The asparagus is cleaned and blanched in water with baking soda to keep its color, after approx. Remove for 2 minutes in cold ice water to make a thermal shock. Then sauté in olive oil, butter, salt and pepper. Prepare the basil mousse, from basil, pine buds, salt, pepper, mixed in a blender with extra virgin olive oil. Presentation: Place the sauteed asparagus on a plate. Decorate with basil and basil mousse.

Thank you:
Restaurant Palladium, bd. Unirii no. 1, Bucharest
Reservations: 0729.144.144
Raluca Mateescu
Photo: Sabina Ghiormescu

  • The salad can be prepared with vinegar or lemon instead of commercial pomegranate juice. In fact, you can even squeeze another pomegranate and complete the taste with a fresh aroma.
  • How to make pomegranate juice at home? Squeeze a pomegranate, put the juice in a kettle and let it boil until you are left with a quarter of the initial amount.
  • The recipe is versatile, so you can complete or replace some ingredients with lettuce, leurd, nuts, mangoes, classic tomatoes, feta cheese.
  • You can add fresh parsley, thyme, rosemary.
  • If, however, you feel the need for an extra dressing, we recommend a mix of honey, mustard, turmeric, salt and pepper.

Suitable gaskets

Tonic gin, an easy cocktail to prepare in summer

Although easy to prepare, tonic gin has some secrets you need to know. In short, tonic gin is a classic cocktail, prepared with gin and tonic water, in proportions that can vary, depending on preferences or recipe. It is said that gin was discovered in the 17th century, when English soldiers observed the Dutch enjoying Jenever, a medicinal herbal drink.

The Dutch consumed the drink to gain courage before launching into battle. The original liqueur recipe has undergone many changes, and after a century and a half, the gin we know today appeared.

Gin became so popular with the British that the British Parliament needed to pass The Gin Act - a domestic reform that limited the consumption of gin, thus avoiding excesses.

The most beautiful party for the little girl adopted by Dana Nălbaru and Dragoș Bucur

The brain needs healthy food. Here are the foods to avoid

How to prepare tonic gin

Ingredient: 60-90 ml of gin (depending on the size of the glass), two, three slices of lime, 90-120 ml of tonic water, ice

Preparation: First pour the gin into a tall, ice-filled glass. Then add the lime slices, but first squeeze them a little above the gin, so that their aroma penetrates the drink. Then pour the tonic water, decorate with another slice of lime.

If the limes do not fit your preferences, add a few slices of cucumber, 2 & # 8211 3 strands of lavender flowers, a few strands of saffron or berries. Another option is to use slices of grapefruit instead of lime or pink and black peppercorns for flavor.

Pumpkin puree

The pumpkin can be introduced into the baby's diet after 6 months of age. It is ideal because it will ensure a healthy vision, improve digestion, is rich in antioxidants, strengthens the immune system and helps the baby to have a better sleep (Due to the presence of tryptophan, which supports the body's production of serum). Take advantage of these qualities and prepare a very simple recipe, which is based on cooking with a steamer.

And make that a rule. This will definitely be much appreciated by the guests.

You have to propose at least 12 dishes when it comes to mezze. The traditional Lebanese dishes found in mezze are tabulehul, fattouche - a salad of vegetables, hummus - a chickpea puree that is seasoned with sesame oil and sometimes even with meat, batejan & ndash eggplant puree that is sublimated by most or with pomegranate seeds, kibbeh- mutton or beef meatballs prepared with bulghur, chich taouk, chicken skewers, chenklich, dried cow's milk cheese, arayes, bread stuffed with meat, beef leaves stuffed & hellip .


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