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Pancakes with spiced apple topping recipe

Pancakes with spiced apple topping recipe

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I just made these pancakes and they taste so good I surprised myself! And so easy as well.

2 people made this

IngredientsServes: 2

  • Pancakes
  • 100g plain flour
  • 50 ml milk
  • 1 egg
  • 1 tsp sugar
  • pinch of salt
  • apple topping
  • 2 apples of choice, peeled and quartered
  • 40g sultanas or raisins
  • 25g sugar (brown or white)
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 1 tsp ground almonds
  • 50g butter

MethodPrep:15min ›Cook:15min ›Ready in:30min

  1. To make the pancakes; combine all flour, milk, egg, sugar and salt in a bowl, and whisk until smooth.
  2. Oil the frying pan and pour or scoop the batter into the pan using about 50ml for each pancake. When the top begins to bubble, turn the pancake over. Repeat, transfer to a plate to keep warm.
  3. To make the topping; melt butter and sugar over low heat. Add the apples, raisins, almonds and spices and cook until heated through and apples are soft.
  4. Serve the pancakes with the spiced apple mixture spooned on top.

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There is something wrong with the quantities. (Should it be 150ml milk??) I made the pancake mixture as instructed and ended up with dough rather than batter. It went in the bin and I used a recipe from an old cookery book instead. The topping was nice but it's hard to go wrong with apples, sugar and cinnamon-12 Jan 2011

Changed the quantities ( 1c flour,1cup milk, 1 egg)perfect. Topping was nice.-13 Jul 2011

Gluten Free Spiced Apple Pancakes Recipe

The spices and apples in this recipe make it an extra special breakfast that is perfect for fall. It’s also healthier, since the butter is replaced with apple sauce. We really enjoy it!

Search Recipes Print Prep Time: 10 Min Cook Time: 20 Min

The fall air has made it back to Alabama this morning and it is lovely. A perfect day to drink hot tea on the deck and enjoy the cool air, sunshine, and birds. It was also a perfect morning to play with my pancake recipe. The Gala apples that have been sitting in the fruit bowl for a week, suddenly looked really good. Apples, ginger, cinnamon….mmm, this seems promising. I worked from my usual pancake recipe, first adding unsweetened apple sauce instead of butter or oil. When I got down to the vanilla, I opted for the warm, fall spices of ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg. I threw in half of a grated apple at the end, just because it seemed the right thing to do.

And, oh it was. Hot spiced pancakes, topped with butter, syrup, and apple slices. A subtle hint of apple. This is a perfect fall morning.

Fluffy Apple Pie Spiced Pancakes

One of my favorite parts of fall and the holiday season is the fall produce: apples, squash, root vegetables, bring ‘em all on. And if we can incorporate those flavors into a healthier, holiday-themed breakfast that won’t leave me in a sugar coma afterwards but is still totally delicious? I’m so down. Which is exactly where the idea for these Fluffy Apple Pie Spiced Pancakes were born.

Growing up, whenever we were pinched for time with dinner (which was a lot) my mom used to make us breakfast for dinner – but because my brother and I were super picky eaters and didn’t like eggs yet (I know, shocking given how many eggs I eat every week now, ha!), she made us German Apple pancakes – that had both applesauce *and* sliced apples in them.

Now, since my brother and I live on our own and we rarely ever have weekend breakfast together as a whole family, we reserve pancakes for more of a holiday brunch treat. Our whole family’s palettes have grown up as well (finally, right?) where we all eat more paleo-ish when we’re together – which is also a big change, because that means no more cinnamon rolls from the can on Christmas morning. Yes, we seriously used to eat those every. Single. Christmas. Morning. It was a thing. But hey, I’d say these pancakes are a preeetty good upgrade.

Funnily enough, when I was researching for some inspiration for this recipe, apparently the pancakes my mom used to make weren’t even German Apple Pancakes – which are made like a dutch baby in a large cast iron skillet. The ones we made were…regular pancakes, but made with applesauce and some apples folded inside, and my mom just called them German Apple Pancakes. Hah! Definitely didn’t take away from the delicious factor, but pretty funny that all those years I thought we were eating something totally different.

Another big change that’s happened in my life in the past few years is my focus on clean, quality ingredients. I went to school in Vermont and we went apple picking all the time as a swim team bonding activity with the new recruits on the team (yeah, it’s a Vermont thing) – so I guess you could say I’m a bit of an apple snob. The quality of the apples and applesauce in this recipe are extremely important to me, both for taste, and because I want to make sure I’m not putting junk in my body by using non-organic apples or applesauce made with GMO’s, added sugar, or preservatives (yuck) – which is why I’m choosing to use North Coast Organic Applesauce. Apples are almost always on the Environmental Working Group’s “Dirty Dozen” list, meaning they are one of the 12 fruits and vegetables with the highest content of pesticide residue found by the US Department of Agriculture. Meaning it’s even more important to buy organic apples, or apples from your farmer’s market/a local farm, and to buy a clean, 100% organic, GMO and pesticide-free applesauce like the one from North Coast.

Back to the recipe though – these Fluffy Apple Pie Pancakes are designed to taste like apple pie in pancake form. Which is exactly why they’re perfect for Christmas morning – because who doesn’t want to eat pie for breakfast every once in a while?! The recipe is easily customizable as well, feel free to substitute different spices, use honey instead of maple syrup, try different kinds of apples to vary the sweetness, or try out a different flavor of applesauce, like the tangy apple apricot or pumpkin spice version from North Coast!

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Makes 8 pancakes, serves 4


1 tablespoon caster sugar

½ heaped teaspoon active dry yeast


• In a blender insert the semolina, flour, sugar, yeast and salt. Add the warm water and blend until there are no lumps and the batter is smooth. If you don’t have a blender place all the ingredients in a large bowl and use an electric whisk instead of a blender.

• Add the baking powder and blend again for a few seconds. Leave the batter for 30 minutes to allow the yeast to proof and blend again for a few seconds.

• Grease a non-stick pan and place it over medium high heat. Wait for the pan to be very hot to start baking the pancakes, otherwise you won’t get many holes on your pancakes.

• Place a small amount of batter (as you would for any pancake) and leave the pancake until it dries out. As soon as you place the batter on the pan, the batter should start bubbling and drying out. Once the baghrir is no longer wet (it takes about a minute), it will mean that it is cooked. The baghrir are cooked only on one side. Never flip them while baking them as you will loose the holes. Repeat until you've used all the batter.

• Don’t pile up your Moroccan pancakes while they are still hot, because they will stick to each other. If you want to pile them when they are hot, separate them with a tissue.


• Warm water in this recipe means water that is warmer than room temperature but not hot. If no bubbles start popping when baking the pancakes, it is most likely that the batter is too thick and/or that the batter hasn’t proved long enough. In that case, add a couple of tablespoons of warm water and leave the batter to proof for an extra 15 minutes.

Apple maple syrup topping

You can make a fun topping for pancakes by cooking and caramelizing diced apples with sugar, and deglazing with maple syrup. The apples candy in the syrup and become translucent and soft, as the syrup is infused with apple flavour. It's sweet, a little tangy from the tart apples. It's the perfect accompaniment to pancakes in the fall. If you are looking for a different kind of pancake, try my *slightly* healthier Greek yogurt pancakes.

I love to bake with maple and this apple maple syrup is definitely a winner to add to my growing list of maple syrup recipes.

Are Pancakes Healthy?

What does “healthy” really mean anyway? The actual definition is simply “in good health”, with health meaning being free of illness. If you’re obsessing over whether pancakes can fit into your eating pattern, remember that your mental health is just as important as physical – and that it can impact physical health, too. While this pumpkin buckwheat pancake recipe is beaming with plenty of essential nutrients, it’s even okay to enjoy the refined stuff once in a while, too – without any guilt. One meal won’t make or break your health!

These pancakes happen to be nutrient rich and delicious, and for those with celiac disease, it’s a bonus that they’re gluten free! Buckwheat and oats are the base for the grains, offering a variety of vitamins and minerals as well as plenty of fiber and some plant protein. The use of soy milk versus other non-dairy milk alternatives makes these vegan pancakes more protein rich – meaning they’ll be more filling and better support muscle recovery.

Spiced Apple Butter Pancakes for Breakfast

The New York Times Cooking section is a great source for recipes. I thought you might laugh if I waxed poetic about how perfect buttermilk pancakes are.

Especially with warming spices. Especially with spiced apple butter. Especially when there is snow on the ground, and it is a lazy weekend.

Pancakes are the hero of the breakfast table, and their very taste can even be described as “deeply breakfasty”: eggy, salty, just this side of sweet. A little indulgent and yet still somehow appropriate first thing in the morning.

That about nails it – don’t you think?

Spiced Apple Compote

I go a little apple crazy in the fall. I suppose I make up for my dislike of pumpkin with more and more apples! I love to bake with apples this time of year, but I also love simple ways to use them like this Spiced Apple Compote.

And it couldn&rsquot really be any easier to make. Butter, sugar, apples, and spices combine in a pan to make a sweet, gooey, spiced mixture that is as delicious as it is versatile.

You can use this Spiced Apple Compote in so many ways. Serve it over pancakes, waffles, French toast, or even your oatmeal to add a little something special to your breakfast. Spoon some over a simple pound cake or cheesecake for an instant fall twist on those classics. Or just keep things simple and pair it with a scoop of ice cream.

So, let&rsquos talk details. When choosing apples for making this compote, I tend to favor apples that I use most often for baking. I have the easiest access to traditional choices like Gala, Fuji, and Pink Lady. For more info, be sure to see my tips for The Best Apples for Baking.

When you&rsquore slicing your apples for the compote, the cut size is really a matter of personal preference and how you plan to use it. I usually go with either slices or large pieces. I love the look of slices, but I most often go the pieces route, as I feel it&rsquos a little more versatile to use. They should cook in about the same amount of time, unless you&rsquore using especially thick cuts.

In the recipe, I&rsquove listed the spices individually, but you can also use my Fall Spice Blend or another spice blend that your prefer. As always with spices, feel free to adjust to suit your tastes.

Once your Spiced Apple Compote is cooked, you can serve it immediately or store it in an airtight container in the refrigerator. It should keep for about a week so that you can reheat and use it whenever you like. This recipe makes a good amount for most uses, but it also scales really easily if you want to go all in with spiced apple deliciousness!


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